Our Vision

Die vision

With ‚Navigaia Journeys‘ we want to support especially young people on their inner and outer journeys. We want that more young people, regardless their upbringing and backgrounds can use the potential of individual traveling for their own personal growth and also for having a positive impact on our society. We want that young people go their own path of life and use their potentials.
‘Navigaia Journeys’ opens up the horizon, supports in coping with challenges, gives courage, creates curiosity.

We want to support a generation that travels consciously regarding themselves, other cultures and our nature.

the initiator

Veronika Mercks

I was born in 1988 in Berlin, Germany. I studied Public Management and Intercultural Communication. Traveling and alternative education that allows especially young people to become who they truly want to be are my biggest passions. I was good in school and usually did what school, adults and society wanted me to do. Hoever, after school I realized how little school supported me in being the person I actually wanted to be and to feel self-confident with my self. Traveling and living in other countries was for me one of the best education I could image to grow.

I didn’t particularly like my studies, as I prefer to experience rather then to study theories and to put a huge amount of knowledge into my brain. During my studies I co-founded an NGO (Weitblick Berlin e.V.) in the field of global education and student participation. This was a wonderful work as I could be a creator and put theory into practice. I worked in different NGO mostly in the field of developing aid after my studies. I always had the feeling that I could not really do what I really wanted to do, I lacked orientation many times, suffered because of low self-esteem and felt useless despite of my officially good education.

In 2014 I started working as a so called Teach First Fellow in a German school for 2 years. It was a wonderful experience to create all sorts of projects in the field of experiential learning for and with the students. I felt fulfilled and realized finally that education is the field I truly want to work and create in.

After that I started a 8,5 months journey with my backpack through several African countries and India. I needed a break from creating, studying and working. I wanted to simply drift away, to experience to see where life takes me to break out, to simply ‘be’. It was an adventurous, a deep, an eye opening and a challenging journey for of beautiful encounters and learnings.

After my coming back a few months later I started creating ‘Navigaia Journeys’ as I realized that this is the logical and also emotional next step in my life: To create a project that combines personal development and traveling.

Welcome on board. Let’s go on a journey together! 

Yours Veronika