The name

Navigaia journeys

Mit ‘Navigaia Journeys’ wollen wir etwas Neues schaffen. Dies sollte auch der Name widerspiegeln.

‘Navi’ comes from the latin word ‘navigare’, which means ‘sailing’. ‘gaia’ has two wonderful meanings:

The syllable ‘gai’ ist part of the Japaneese word ‘igigai’, which can be translated into ‘the purpose of life’.

‘Gaia’ comes from the Greek mythology and symbolizes ‘mother earth’.

The name ‘Navigaia Journeys’ stands for our journey through life, where we are searching for our purpose while having the responsibility for our mother earth.

The sailing boat symbolizes ourselves, the ocean our life, which is sometimes stormy and wavy and sometimes it is very calm.  There are times where we can’t see the stars because of the fog and we lack orientation. Nevertheless we always reach land at some point, to discover and to take a rest.