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Veronika Mercks

My name is Veronika and I was born in 1988 in Berlin. Since I was young I have loved to create creative spaces of learning and experiences for others. Actually, I learnt the most in those moments of my life, where I didn’t sit in any class room, but when I did something practical, when I experienced life and when I traveled. I was searching for my own path in life for quite some time until I realized that I want to be part in creating the way we learn through experiences. I love travelling, personal development, intercultural understanding and non-formal education. My passions led me to create the Vision of Navigaia Journeys that supports, inspires people on their inner and outer journeys. That is why I am excited to co-create the EnCourage Training, because I believe in the tremendous impact that individual traveling can have for us and our society.

My formal experiences and qualifications:

Bachelor in Public Management / Master in Intercultural / Communication / Further Qualification in Design Thinking / Co-founder of the educational NGO Weitblick Berlin e.V. / Working experiences in different NGO / 2 years school experiences in Germany as a Teach First Fellow / Several living abroad and traveling experiences / Founding of the educational initiative Navigaia Journeys


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Albert Poetzsch

My name is Albert, born 1988 in Romania and grew up in Germany I started travelling from an early age on. During my life, I moved a lot and travelled to many countries which allowed me to create a feeling of being free in the world and independent. Many opportunities and life experiences came with this journeys which enriched my life and showed me who I am and also though me that I can become who I want to be and create a life according to my terms. After travelling through South and Central America for six months I realized how valuable these experiences were for me and how many people have the desire but limit themselves to go on such adventures. At this moment I embarked on another journey, educating myself to support people to follow their desires. This journey led me here where I can put all my skills and knowledge in into this training to get you where you want to be.

My formal experiences and qualifications:

Bachelor in Biology (Germany, United Kingdom) / Master of Business Administration (Germany) / Certification in Systemic Coaching (Germany) / Coaching accreditation through the European Coaching and Mentoring Council (in process) (Croatia) / Trainer and coach certification at the Olde Vechte foundation (Netherlands) / NLP Practitioner and Master (in the process) (Romania) / Several experiences as trainer, co-trainer, team and training supervisor in Erasmus+ Projects


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Christian Walker

My name is Christian Walker and I was born in 1987 in Madrid. Since I was young I have been exposed to two very different cultures, Spanish and English. I am bilingual and this has made it easy for me to travel, to study abroad and get to experience different cultures. This has undoubtedly shaped who I am. During the last 5 years, I have been related to non-formal education and it is now my passion. I have experienced first hand what an impact this can have in young people and I am privileged to be developing my skills as a facilitator, trainer and coach. Recently, I took on another adventure, to do an EVS in Belgium where I can say that I have combined my studies and my experience as an animator. I am myself on a journey, the journey of my life and feel more empowered than ever before. This is a huge motivator to transmit my own learnings to others and to empower the young generations to take control and ownership of their own lives. All this, has brought me until now when I feel honoured to be co-creating such an amazing project with an amazing team.

My formal experiences and qualifications:

Bachelor in Sociology and Criminology / Facilitator of Intercultural Workshops / Volunteer work at YFU Flanders / Training course on Coaching Skills / Animator in different environments / Several living abroad and travelling experiences