Learning through travelling

the project

The several day long self-awareness seminar ‘learning through travelling’ at schools enables young people just before they finish school / their education to have similar experiences to those experienced during travelling with the use of different experienced based methods and approaches from various fields of padagogy. The aim is to give them orientation for their next steps in life, to strengthen their self-confidence, to gain intercultural competencies, to support them being more courageous, to follow their intuition and to widen their horizons.

Life as a journey and support in transitation phases

We want young people to experience life as a journey and to support them in dealing with challenging situations and in going their own path.

our experiences

Schools we have already run the project with:

– Stadtteilschule Wihelmsburg, Hamburg

– Elinor-Ostrom-Schule, Berlin


Usage of different methods                        

We use different approaches, methods and exercises from different fields. We create hollistic experience that connect the mind, the emotions and the body.

We integrate the following fields (among others) into our work:

– Theater and dance

– Intercultural Psychology

– Mindfulness

– Adventure / experienced based learning

– Games

– Gestalttherapy


We simulate a travel experience

For a few days, young people don’t learn Math, Biology or Chemestry, but about topics like “courage”, “changing perspectives”, “getting out of the comfort zone”, “encounters” etc.


We are happy about donations

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This project is supported by:

Kinder helfen Kinder e.V.

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