Navigaia Travel

"One must travel, to learn."

* Mark Twain *

the challanges of individual traveling

More and more young people use traveling as a way of self-discovery especially in transition phases of their lives (right after school, within their studies, right after their education before starting a job etc.) Organizations that prepare and support young people regarding their school exchanges or international volunteer services already exist. They offer seminars before, during and after the experience in a foreign country. However, those organisations don’t offer the same service and support to young individual travellers.

Consequently, we observe that systematic structures are missing, which could otherwise support and prepare young individual travellers for their journeys and which could enable a deeper learning process and personal development through guided reflection. The potential of individual traveling for the personal development of young people and the positive impacts for our society hasn’t been systematically addressed yet.

Unconcious journeys

Therefore,  this can also lead to unconscious and irresponsible traveling among some young individual travellers regarding dangers, sensitivity towards local cultures and nature. Individual traveling has become a mass-phenomenon, which often isn’t anymore about individual discoveries and walking off the beaten tracks to get to know the authenticity of other cultures or hidden (natural) places.

The potential of individual traveling

What used to be more individual and a real alternative to conventional tourism has become in some regions to a travel movement that can endanger the potential of traveling for (among others) tolerance, open-mindedness, self-development, peace, common understanding, connection among cultures, widening the horizon and broaden the perspectives.

Difficulties in reintegrating

Another important challenge is the re-adaptation after long term traveling: Many travellers have difficulties re-integrating and sharing their experiences as well as integrating their learnings and new perspectives into their life back home. They feel often misunderstood by family and friends back home (who might not have travelled themselves), they lack orientation for their next steps in life, they feel alienated and have difficulties to re-adapt into their home culture and their ‘daily lives’.

what we have in mind for navigaia travel

Travel - encouragement

This workshop aims at young people who hear the calling to travel but don’t have yet the courage, the prerequisites or the possibilities to do so. The workshop wants to encourage young people to travel and also give them practical ideas on how to accomplish traveling even on a low budget for example. Personal fears and restraints will be thoroughly addressed.

Join our first EnCourage Training in November in Italy! Find more infos about it HERE:

Travel - preperation

The seminars are given as a preparation directly before the start of the young people’s individual journeys. Topics will be (among others): intercultural competencies, conscious traveling (regarding other cultures and nature), focus setting (What things do I want to focus on during my journey? In which area would I like to develop and challenge myself? What do I want to live during my journey?), practical information for individual traveling.

During - travel - reflexion

A workshop training will be given to individual travelers who would like to create space for other travelers’ reflections while they are traveling themselves. The 3-5 hours workshop will be given donation based for smaller groups of travelers for example in hostels all over the world through the trained travellers. This concept allows to spread the travel reflection workshops across the world.

Read here more about our first  workshop we offered in Berlin in July 2018. 

Travel - homecoming

In a homecoming seminar young travellers get the opportunity to reflect upon their experiences and learning of their journey. Through experiential learning, coaching as well as other methods that include mind, body and emotions participants get the opportunity do dive deep into what their journey taught them. Moreover the participants will get the space to reflext upon their next steps and how they want to integrate their learnings and personal growth into their life.