It was a very hot end of July day in Berlin, when three young people from different cultures created  a safe space for current travelers. Everytime the door bell rang there was excitement. We didn’t really know who will join us for our little experiment. It was our first workshop of this is kind and we didn’t really know how to reach current travelers the best. We also didn’t know if there is the need for travelers to reflect upon their experiences with others in a workshop.

In the end we had a wonderful small group of curious, courageous and wonderful young people who all had very different journeys. And nearly all of the seven participants found out about the workshop through couchsurfing (what a wonderful platform). During three hours the travellers reflected upon their challenges and encounters they had so far in their journey. Through movements, conversations, meditation and music they got the opportunity to dive deeper into their travel experiences. We tried to support them to become more aware of their learnings, their emotions and their inner purpose regarding their own journey. After the workshop it was not the end. We finished this beautiful summer evening in Berlin at the former airport “Tempelhofer Feld” with a cold drink and  nice conversations. We are were thankful for the group of people who gave us the facilitators the opportunity to create and to try our first reflection workshop for travelers. We are planning to reach more travellers with this kind of safe space in the future.

Thank you so much for your participation and your valuable feedback which supports us in improving. Thanks to Zaklina and Lucas for co-creating and facilitating this special workshop.