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Navigaia Inspiration Compass
Navigaia Inspiration Compass


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Attention for daily encounters

Navigaia Inspiration Compass

“Your reality is as you perceive it to be. So, it is true, that by altering this perception we can alter our reality.” – William Constantine


In everyday life, we often just pass by each other. Maybe we even try to avoid eye contact and sit down in the train automatically on the seat, which is as far away as possible from the other people. There are so many stories around us that could give us a new perspective on life. Even a smile creates connection. How about we pay more attention to our everyday encounters? How about we thanked for trifles much more often, honestly distributed compliments also to strangers, started small talks with people and occasionally asked unknown persons questions? How about trusting each other more often? Opening up even for the small encounters of life can enchant our day, give a realization or maybe even lead to a longer connection.