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Dancing into other worlds

Navigaia Inspiration Compass

“Dance is the hidden language of the soul.” – Martha Graham


Dancing is something wonderful. Our world is so diverse and so are our dances. You can immerse your whole body into another world, culture, when you try out new dances: Forró from Brazil, Salsa from Cuba, Tango from Argentina and many more. They get you out of your head and get you moving through their versatile music. A positive effect of couple dances: You encounter (new) people in a very special way, communicating with each other far away from the verbal language. Also dancing by yourself brings you in a state where you can process your thoughts differently, where you can express yourself in a different, non-verbal way. Don’t think you need to be a great dancer. Dancing is about movement and expression and the way you feel it. Perhaps you can even find “Concious dance offers” where you live, like “Estatic dance”, “5 Rythm dancing”, “Biodanza”, etc.. Try it out!